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The Thinker

Joseph L. Larabell

19672 Stevens Creek Blvd #206
Cupertino, CA 95014



6.5 years in Hardware Design
2.0 years in Applications Engineering
11.5 years in Software Development

Software system design and implementation for high-tech or scientific applications. Interested in assignment in Tokyo area.


February 1996 to PRESENT
Senior Software Engineer / Software Engineering Manager
Ikos Systems, Inc.
19050 Pruneridge Ave
Cupertino, CA 95014

Project lead for Verilog-to-Ikos model generation program. Responsible for specifying, designing, coding, and testing program, as well as handling field support issues. Later promoted to manage development team for automated ASIC/IP model generation utilities.

February 1995 to February 1996
Applications Engineer
Itochu Technoscience, K.K.
Sanai Bldg 6F
1-4-15 Komazawa
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154 JAPAN

Responsible for simulation library generation, memory modelling, pre-sales benchmarking, and customer support for Ikos sales group (for Ikos VHDL and Verilog-based hardware accelerator). Also act as liason between other engineers in Ikos group and Ikos Headquarters in Cupertino. Have also written various utility programs as needed within EDA Division.

Contact: Mr. Akira Saito, EDA Sales Department Manager

December 1993 to January 1995
Manager, CAE Support
Zuken-Redac, Japan
(formerly Racal-Redac)
Izuminishiazabu Bldg 6F
4-3-11 Nishiazabu
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106 JAPAN

Supported existing CAE customers in Japan after company announced end-of-life for CAE product line. Also managed migration of CAE customer base to alternate vendor's products. Assumed technical responsibility for the "High-Performance Engineering" features of the Redac CAD Expert toolset and for the new Design Adviser product. Became primary technical contact for most of the interaction with our home office in Tewkesbury, UK, including verification and reporting of software defects and assisting other engineers in getting technical questions answered by the development departments in Tewkesbury and Mahwah, NJ.

Contact: Mr. Hisao Shima, Vice-President and Manager of Operations

March 1988 to December 1993
Senior Systems Analyst
Racal-Redac, Inc.
(formerly HHB Systems)
1000 Wyckoff Avenue, Mahwah, NJ 07430

Continued support and enhancement of CGEN behavioral model compiler/translator developed at FutureNet. Ported Accugen (previously Acculib) model generation tools and ASIC database to UNIX environment. Developed enhancements to CADAT simulator and Accugen model generation tools to provide increased simulation accuracy for sub-micron ASIC libraries. Assisted in design of scheme to construct builder data files for SilcSyn synthesis tool from Accugen database. Developed translators to accept ASIC vendor data in various formats (including EDIF). Created method of producing truth-tables for Accugen libraries for use with Intelligen product. Headed design of second-generation ASIC database schema, structural/behavioral model compiler, and library generation scheme. Integrated timing-calculation algorithm from second-generation design into existing CADAT environment to satisfy immediate customer requirement for accurate sub-micron simulation. Developed dialogs and underlying code for Accugen user utilities under Vision GUI sub-system. Supported library development group as needed to satisfy vendor- specific modelling requirements. Prepared and delivered numerous presentations and training courses on Accugen to customers, vendors, Application Engineers, etc.

Contact: Rob Goldstein, Software Development Manager

September 1987 to March 1988
Contract Programmer
January 1986 to July 1987
Software Engineer
Data I/O - FutureNet Division
9310 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Responsible for developing behavioral simulation models in "C" for complex logic devices. Designed and coded a compiler/translator (CGEN) which converts a truth-table description of a device into the necessary "C" code behavioral model to simulate the device. Ported portions of CADAT code to Fairchild Clipper (RISC) co-processor running in an IBM-PC environment. Designed Acculib model generation scheme and associated tools for automated production of vendor-specific simulation libraries. Wrote many miscellaneous tools and modules for product stress-testing and for use by other programmers in department.

Contact: Dan Robinson, Software Development Manager

July 1987 to September 1987
Contract Programmer
December 1986 to March 1987
Contract Programmer (part time)
Teledyne Systems
Northridge, CA

Designed and implemented a test-interface scripting language for production test and field fault isolation. Supported real-time IBM-PC based debugger used in development of MIL-1750 computer. Wrote interface between existing hardware debug package and a logic analyzer. Designed and coded a screen handling package to consolidate and speed-up screen access for debugger software.

Contact: Terry Mrowiek, Software Manager

June 1985 to January 1986
Principal Member of the Programming Staff
United Technologies, Lexar Division
31829 La Tienda Drive, Westlake Village, CA 91362

Assumed responsibility for file management software to run Winchester disk sub-system. Debugged drivers and utilities for Winchester disk. Designed duplex scheme and related drivers to allow redundant processors to exchange files. Developed PCM codec simulator to generate system tones. Supported hardware/software integration for in-house developed 80286 processor card.

Contact: Ben Barber, Software Project Manager

October 1982 to June 1985
Senior Design Engineer
United Technologies, Lexar Division
(see entry above)

Assisted on firmware upgrade/speedups on existing voice/data PBX matrix. Designed interface to multiplex 32 voice/data PBX ports onto fiber optic channel to provide expansion of PBX beyond designed line capacity. Designed redundancy controller to allow remote system operation from central location (wrote firmware to drive 8049 uP on card). Worked with system architecture group to specify future product direction.

Contact: William Greason, Director of Hardware

November 1985 to June 1986
Contract Programmer (part time)
Questechnologies, Inc.

Developed "Sidekick-like" desktop utility program for bundling with IBM-PC clones.

March 1984 to June 1985
Contract Programmer (part time)
(full time July through October 1984)
Linknet Technologies, Inc. (now defunct)
Digital Matrix Communications, Inc
C-Lan Technologies, Inc.

Designed inexpensive low-speed network for IBM-PC. Wrote Z80 firmware for IBM plug-in card, network controller, and communication server. Specified and started "C" language utility program for mail and file access. Wrote hardware simulator module to allow concurrent hardware/software development. Directed staff of two programmers working on network utilities and file server software. Designed and coded "C" language utility program for dual line telephone card which converts an IBM-PC to an executive workstation.

Contact: Mike Campion, President, C-Lan Technologies, Inc.

January 1981 to October 1982
Design Engineer
Transaction Technology, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA

Designed memory controller for high speed multiported minicomputer memory, including priority logic for 14 ports, refresh controller, Hamming code ECC, and on-board control and diagnostic microprocessor. Defined control command set and wrote firmware to control memory configuration, execute commands, operate dual SDLC communication ports, and diagnose hardware. Designed hardware and software for SDLC adapter for a Compucolor microcomputer used in system integration. Wrote specification document for memory interface. Later became technical leader of multiport memory project.

Contact: Bob Propp, Manager, Computers and Networks Dept.

January 1980 to July 1980
Design Engineer
Magnavox, Inc. GPS Division
Torrance, CA

Designed memory and I/O board for NAVSTAR receiver. Compiled standard parts list and derated electrical specification document for use by engineers on project.

Contact: Richard O'Connor, Digital Design Manager

July 1978 to January 1980
Member of the Technical Staff
Hughes Aircraft Co, El Segundo, CA

Wrote diagnostic programs for F15 signal processor. Wrote test patterns for HP2100 TESTAIDS system for board-level testing. Designed built-in test controller utilizing a Z80 microprocessor for a hardwired pre-processor system. Designed a data switch to coordinate data transfers among various computers and peripherals on airborne radar platform.

Contact: Doug Benedict, Section Head


B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, June 1978
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Grade Point Average: 3.35/4.00

Honor Societies:
Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi
Logic Families:
CAD/CAE Tools:
CADAT, SilcSyn, Intelligen, ViewDraw,
Visula Expert Series CAD, Verilog-XL, Ikos
Language Fluency:
C++, C, Verilog, VHDL, Vscript, PL/M,
Perl, Basic, Fortran
Assembly Languages:
6800, 6502, 1802, 8080, 8085,
Z80, 8048/49, 8086/88, 80286/386/486


DOB: 2 March 1956 (Age: 42)
Willing to travel/relocate
References available on request

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