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Platform Statement of Thelemic New Conservatism

The following paragraphs contain the Grand Principles of Thelemic New Conservatism. In some cases, links are provided to more complete essays on the basic ideas. If you wish to submit an essay, mail me.
  1. We believe that every individual has the right to pursue hir own course in life, free from censorship, interference, or restraint of any sort, save only that they do not seek to censor, interfere with, or restrain their fellows. In particular, the free flow of communcation being the life-blood of a democratic society, we oppose any law which seeks to restrict or prohibit the free exchange of information in any medium whatsoever.
  2. We believe that every individual has the right to decide how much of hir life be kept apart from public scrutiny. The right to think, speak, and act in private is just as important as the right to think, speak, or act itself, as it tends to artificially limit one's actions.
  3. We believe that taxation based on production encourages non-production and stifles the creative element in society. While we do not seek to do away with taxation as a means to accomplish community-wide goals, we do hope to establish a more equitable means of sharing the common burden without penalizing producers and savers.
  4. We believe that people ought to be held accountable for their own actions and not for those of others. It is high time we got our hands out of other people's pockets and stop the foolish litigious mania that constantly seeks to make someone else responsible for our own misfortunes.
  5. We believe that every individual should be afforded an equal opportunity to advance in the direction they choose to pursue, to the extent of their ability. This does not, however, mean that all individuals are inherently equal. Some will excell in a given field more than others and to hinder a more qualified individual in a field because of quotas or other artificial measure is as much a crime as it would be to deny opportunity on any basis other than ability. Fitness for the task at hand should be the sole measure by which one individual is judged in comparison to another.
  6. We believe that the evolution of world consciousness depends upon both the balance and polarity of opposing viewpoints. The interplay of diverse ideas is necessary to the intellectual and artistic health of the society. We must therefore be vigilant to ensure that a safe forum exists for all ideas, including those that may not be in alignment with our own.
  7. We believe that only through education, and not by means of regulation and of coersion, can these principles be brought about. We must therefore constantly seek to enlighten those who are ready to the Grand Principles of Thelemic New Conservatism and to apply these Principles in our own dealings with others.

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