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Where did you hide all your banners and awards?

This page was created for the express purpose of housing the various banners, buttons, and other whiz-bang graphic stuff I may collect. At first I hesitated adding any kind of 'me too' graphic to my WebSite because it slowed the download of my pages. Not everyone appreciates these things (and I have come to loathe them myself the more I surf around). Anyhow, someone must like these things or there wouldn't be so many of them, eh? So if you're one of those who likes to check out web awards, I created this page just for you. Enjoy...

[Netaholics Anonymous] [Anti-spam] [Ape of Thoth]

You might notice an absence of any 'cool site of the year' awards. Frankly speaking, I haven't gotten any. The most recognition I ever got was to get kicked off the Ikos Employees Home Page list. But if you have any awards to bestow -- even 'annoying site of the day' or 'wurse speler on the web' -- let me know and I will add them here.

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