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Hagios Xao Fan Club

Yeah, I know it's probably a bit ego-centric to have my own fan club but it seemed like such a good idea at the time. I have no idea yet what kinds of things I will send to the members of my fan club but it will probably include occasional cogitations and witty sayings, in addition to some of the funny things friends send me via e-mail. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that I will send anything at all -- it all depends on the response I get to this page. Besides, this seemed like a constructive way to experiment with HTML forms construction.

There are two things of which I can definately assure you:
the addresses submitted to this list WILL NOT be sold to any other group or organization for any purpose, and
you will not be barraged with solicitations of a commercial nature.

Your name (Aliases and/or Magical Names are welcome):
Your e-mail address (a REAL one, please):
In this lifetime, which of the following groups have you been involved with:
How were you referred to this page:
Your Home Page URL (optional):

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