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Who actually links to your pages?

Well, sometimes it's hard to tell exactly who is linking to my pages. I only recently signed up with a provider who allows me access to the log file of hits which, in turn, gives me some clue as to how you all are managing to find me. If you came in from a link on another page and you don't see it in the list below, or if you want to add a link to one of my pages in exchange for a link on one of my pages, just write me.

[Note: I have not had time to keep this page up-to-date and the web logs since I started counting have reached about 14,000 hits per month. So there is no way all the links (especially links to the Ape of Thoth) are ever going to be listed here. Eventually, I will weed this down to reciprocal links with other pages that seem stable. But, for now, this list will have to do.]

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