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My take on Scientology's OT3

To just about any Scientologist, one of the most guarded writings ever issued by Hubbard is that known as Operating Thetan Level III (OT3 for short). This document describes an incident that Scientologists believe occurred a very long time ago and, to some extent, still affects life on this planet even today. They also believe that exposure to the real material could be harmful to someone who is not completely prepared to deal with the incident. For that reason, the Church does not openly publish details of the incident other than through approved means.

From my perspective, having been through OT3 myself and subsequently having moved on to an even more controversial religion, I can state my opinion thus:

For those reasons I have, at the [polite] request of a representative of the Church, pulled the offending paragraph from Tom Joyce's article. As I have stated elsewhere, it is not my intention to offend or harm those who choose to practice Scientology. So removal of the offending passage is just another step in my effort to re-target my web pages to present my personal opinion on this controversial religion.

For those who want to read the article as published, there are still at least two avenues available:

  1. You can search the magazine archives at your local library for Gnosis Magazine, Hubbard's Ladder by Tom Joyce. This is safer since minor errors could well have crept into my online copy when it was originally transcribed. Or...
  2. You can write to me and request a copy. If you follow this route, you must convince me that you are genuinely interested and not just a member of the Church of Scientology looking to get an advance peek at your next level or a journalist looking for some interesting fodder to use in your next Scientology expose. In other words, while I have no objection to any honest information-seeking individual having free access to the offending paragraph as published, at the same time, I do not wish to be the vehicle through which the sacred writings of any religious group are held up to ridicule.

If anyone has any comment on my decision, either positive or negative, please feel free to write me directly and discuss your opinion.

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