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The Racal-Redac/HHB Reunion Page

As of the last update, the following persons have consented to have their names listed on this page. If you are a current or former employee of either HHB Systems or Racal-Redac and would like to be listed on this page, please contact me. As a matter of personal policy, I will not list anyone who has not contacted me and consented to having their name listed. If you know somebody who can be contacted by e-mail and is not already listed on this page, please inform them of this page or send me their address.

By the way, I was overwhelmed by the response I received to my first call for addresses. It seems nearly everyone I wrote to thought my page was a great idea. I am glad to be of service. While I have made every attempt to ensure that this list accurately reflects the data sent to me, we all know that typos, like cockroaches, are bound to appear sooner or later no matter how carefully you try to avoid them. My sincere apologies for any errors which will, of course, be promptly corrected if brought to my attention at the above address.

I am also pleased to announce that we now have both UK and Japan representation on the list. Those entries with (UK) after the name are recent UK additions and those with (RRJ) after the name are from the Japan office. A special welcome to those new additions.

E-mail addresses of HHB/Racal-Redac Alumni as of Tue Jun 10 11:45:01 2003:

Send changes to:

Note: I've been a little slow to process change requests lately. Now I have to go back and find all the requests and reflect them on the page. If you sent me something lately and it hasn't showed up yet, please feel free to re-send your changes. Sorry...

The HTML format does not seem to support mail aliases so for now, if you need to send a message to the whole group, you may want to download the complete list of those persons listed in this page. Since my current provider does not yet support anonymous ftp, you should use the "Save As..." function of your browser to save the file after viewing.

If someone you know is not listed here, it may be that I have not received their permission to list their address on this page. You might want to try Newton, Franklin, or Dave Kinney who have each compiled their own private lists. And you can always mail me and I may have some idea how to contact the person you seek.

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