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Astral Dynamics

Is there someone you would like to know better?

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Is there someone you would like to know better?

Perhaps it's you. Perhaps it's a friend or a prospective lover. Or maybe a business partner, your boss or that new employee. Whoever you have in mind, a deeper understanting is possible by consulting an Astral Dynamics Astral Portrait of the individual. Calculations based upon the exact time and place of birth are performed by our computer, and the result is a very revealing and detailed "verbal picture" of the person in question. The average length of an Astral Portrait is 5000 words and some of the major areas depicted are:

Response to our Astral Portrait has been quite positive. Frequntly we recieve comments like:

"The Astral Portrait which I received solved many mysteries I have had about a friend"
-- B.L., California
"...there were so many enlightening aspects! I'm thrilled"
-- P.J., California
"What a mervelous tool for introspection... amazing depth of insight!"
-- T.H., California

If this is the right time for you to take a deeper look at a particular personality, then perhaps we can provide a clearer view!

Also, an Astral Portrait makes a great gift for that special person -- especially new mothers! Just fill out the convenient on-line order form below.

Astral Dynamics Astral Portraits are backed by our popular Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just return your Astral Portarit for a full refund.

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Subscribe to your Future

Wouldn't it be nice to know what is in store for you, to know ahead of time the future events as they unfold in your life?

While no one may be able to fortell the future with complete accuracy, many of the events on your personal horizon are linked to influences which are quite predictable


We've all seen astrological forecasts in newspapers and experienced the ambiguous, and often erroneous, projections that they present. Due to the very generalized manner in which these forecasts are computed, and the extreme space limitations of a newspaper page, the result is most often a highly abbreviated, inaccurate, and basically worthless prediction.

In contrast, an Astral Dynamics one-year Personal Forecast will contain approximately 30,000 words and will be as accurate and detailed as is astrologically possible because:

  • All astrological factors are considered -- not just a few.
  • The forecast is computed for a specific individual -- not generalized for each sign.
  • A highly accurate computer program is used to calculate each forecast (thus eliminating human error).
  • Our forecasts give you advance notice of influences which can affect you in the areas of love, friendship, business, health, moods and emotional swings, social engagements, travel, safety, personal finances, career opportunities, and more!

    Astral Dynamics Personal Forecasts are backed by our popular Money-Back Guarantee. The unused portion of any Astral Dynamics Personal Forecast subscription is refundable at any time.

    Wouldn't you like to start seeing your future a little clearer... with a little help from your friends at Astral Dynamics?

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    Harmony: We know how important it is to you to have harmony in all of your relationships. Our Astral Dynamics Compatability Study offers fresh insight to the causes of many "compatability difficulties" while also shedding light upon the strengths of the relationship. Compatability studies are prepared for individuals and groups involved in personal, business, or professional relationships. Often unprofitable business associations or troublesome friendships can be resolved or avoided completely with the knowledge and foresight contained in an Astral Dynamics Compatability Study. Scientifically advanced techniques now make it possible to anticipate both harmony and disharmony in human relationships with astonishing clarity and accuracy!

    No Nebulous Newspaper Forcast: Many people have been turned off to astrology due to the typically vague and abbreviated "forecasts" that newspapers print. Our Compatability Study is hundreds of times more accurate, as it is based specifically on you and your chosen relationship(s). This method results in a highly reliable, useful, and enlightening tool which can aid you in your creation of harmonious relationships and guide you through potential conlicts. By entering precise birthdate and location data into our computer, thousands of computations are done correctly, resulting in as complete and accurate a study as can be found.

    Feedback: We regularly recieve comments like:

    "...since receiving our study, our relationship has taken a definate turn upward!"
    -- J.S., California
    " unbearable 'friendship' has now become a pleasant and productive connection!"
    -- D.C., California
    "Your study was such an eye-opener that I doubt that I will start another relationship or business partnership without one!"
    -- T.P., California

    What will you recieve? Your personalized compatibility study is compiled as a three section report:

    Our compatibility studies are easily read and can be fully understood without additional assistance. Each study will vary slightly in length (averaging 10,000 words) and comes in a handsome folder.

    Money Back Guarantee: Your Astral Dynamics Compatability Study is backed by our popular Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return your study for a full refund of the purchase price.

    If it's time for you to see your personal and/or business connections in a revealing new light... please complete the order form below!

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    Money-Back Guarantee

    Every report prepared by Astral Dynamics is backed by a full Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your report, just return it within 30 days and your money will be promptly refunded. Personal Forecast subscriptions may be cancelled at any time and the balance of the subscription period will be refunded.

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