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Frequently Asked Questions, Continued...

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Q: What is your (Geek Code, Magick Code, PGP Public Key, etc.)?

Some time back, I heard of something called a "Geek Code". This code presumably would allow me to express my background and interests in the entire field of electronics and computing in just two or three lines of text. This text could then be appended as an e-mail signature to let everyone know who I was, what I knew, and what I enjoyed. Well, I never used mine as a signature and apparently neither did anyone else, because I haven't seen one of these in years.

But, for those geeks who can still read this stuff, I'm appending a coulpe of my codes and (for what it's worth) the URL of the page where I found the decoder sheet. These pages might not even exist any more but you may be able to find something by searching the web.

At the bottom of this page, you will find my public PGP key. Feel free to send me any encrypted message you like but be aware that since I don't use PGP very often, it may take me a while to find, re-load, and re-learn the software so I can decrypt your mail. In other words, if you want me to see it quickly, send it in plain text.

Version: 3.1
GE/P d+() s+:+ a+ C++$ US++$ !P+? L E--- W++ N+++ o? K--? w+ O--- !M V
PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP++ t++ 5? X? R- tv+ b++ DI++ D G e++ h+ r- x+**

-----BEGIN MAGICK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 0.92 MTH/GD S++ W+(-) N+>++++ PEG(EC) Dr A a+ QH++>+++ 666+++ Y+++ ------END MAGICK CODE BLOCK------
-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: 2.6 mQCNAjAmxDEAAAEEAORbtl2W3TiUE3GXAZYNJrrNdwefeRtuawR/lEk/A1MCfQ26 zZBHTSQmtxFMhxDxyFwTEEu3sietDUzLRUiSrpN9lDt0dDFO04OMzUQjqTvu6U0O 8MTcsrkyUYtbKs9fOT0mbsgeNs8uhE1ybGRTcjTA6XxFjGcZ2v9kWHcTgwH1AAUR tB9Kb2UgTGFyYWJlbGwgPGxhcmFiZWxsQGNybC5jb20+tC1Kb2UgTGFyYWJlbGwg PGxhcmFiZWxsQHNhbmFpLmN0Yy5jaXRvaC5jby5qcD6JAJUCBRAwQuj9ib6cIZbP aTkBAT61A/4pyjrtaUPj9Z0169lEyySFW+fDq11im9Oam2qZvknuyelBTPRubQq2 ooQHaEfsL9nRtAuqCOiLZsSwWNOazB7fhDdzfqv7tvicS2RYJ2hMkKApwcrLv4i1 m9t0omW8NsURN06AJccjZ830GHbv/ixpM1icKwcVOKM9EWzyCeVk6g== =tm37 -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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