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Frequently Asked Questions, Continued...

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Q: Where have you been, I've been looking all over for you?

I've been a "travelling fool" these past few years. Having been bitten with the Japan bug, I decided to try my hand at living abroad. But first I had to pay my dues by relocating from Sunny Southern California to New Jersey when my company decided to downsize and close the California office. After a year and a half, and just barely within my personal target (the end of 1993), the investment paid off and the company agreed to send me to Tokyo. After a year, however, I again became the victim of downsizing. For personal reasons I chose at that time to remain in Japan and take my chances in the Tokyo job market. I ended up working for a place called Itochu Technoscience (better known in the US as C.Itoh) as an Applications Engineer.

In early 1996 I decided to return to California for a much-needed rest. Since the job market in the Los Angeles area (at least in my field) was not very good, I landed instead in the heart of Silicon Valley. My personal astrologer was right when she told me the move would probably not be permanent.

I prefer to make myself difficult to find in the flesh but I am not at all difficult to reach in cyber-space. I don't spend much time on IRC (the Internet equivalent of "chat rooms") but I do try to answer all personal e-mail. To reach me by e-mail the best address to use is but if you have any address for me from the past 3-4 years, chances are that will probably work too. All my various e-mail adddresses forward down to one place anyway.

My current whereabouts are private. A few close friends know where I'm living but I have been harassed in the past and I would prefer not to have my location made public until certain legal issues are out of the way.

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