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Frequently Asked Questions, Continued...

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Q: Where did you get that horrible picture of yourself?

Actually, when I first constructed this page I had no scanned photos of myself. In fact, I had allowed few photographs of myself at all. In a fit of desperation, I inserted an image of Aleister Crowley and hoped nobody would notice. Eventually, someone did. So, I dug through some old files I had kept from way back when and came up with the gem which now adorns the top of my home page. Thanks to the expert scanning assistance of Yuji Matsuoka of CTC (Japan), I now have two online mug shots for all to see. For a slightly more "natural" picture, check out my online resume.

More recently, I had a friend take this picture of me atop my recently-purchased Kawasaki motorcycle. Unfortunately, I've put on a few pounds since the other two pictures were taken.

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