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Joe Larabell's Reunion Pages

Regarding Racal-Redac/HHB:

The idea started out simply enough. On 13 October 1993, disaster befell what had once been HHB Systems, then owned by Racal-Redac. The simulation and synthesys product lines were dismantled, parts of it having been sold off (or spun-off) and the rest placed into what was called an "end-of-life" cycle (ie: canned). For the 90-some employees in Mahwah, New Jersey (many of whom had worked together for over 10 years) it was a somber time. At first, someone collected contact information for quite a few of us and gave everyone a copy so we could all keep in touch. But, as you can well imagine, these became outdated quickly as people moved on to new jobs.

When I started building my own web page about a year later, I decided to contact those ex-employees with whom I was still in touch and asked if they wanted to be listed on a new "reunion" web page I was constructing. Well, the idea caught on and several people with whom I had lost touch contacted me to be added to the list.

Other Alumni Lists

Owing to the success of the Racal-Redac/HHB Alumni List, and having been contacted by one of my ex-coworkers from another company with whom I had lost touch, I decided to do for former United Technologies/Lexar employees what I had done for the HHB crowd. So, there is now a Lexar Alumni List in formation. If you are or know of a former employee of Lexar, either before or after the United Technologies debacle, please write me.

The other pages are just getting started. If you are or were an employee of any of the companies listed, feel free to contact me to have your name and e-mail address added. Even now, I can forsee a time when we no longer drop out of touch with people just because we change jobs. I have had many people with whom I had once lost touch contact me because of these web pages. There is indeed much more to the Internet than just smutty pictures.

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