Scientology, the Ultimate Implant

Published: Dec 19, 2013 by Joe Larabell

(L. Ron Hubbard)

Original Founder's Bulletin #1


The Ultimate Implant

My dear old friends,

You had better take a seat for this one, I am about to shatter some realities here. This may very well be the most incomprehensible and fantastic account you have ever conceived; but I am afraid it is all too true.

The story is long and very, very complicated; but in a few words I shall give you more truth per square word than you’ve probably heard for some time now. As some of you may have suspected I came from another world. Many facts have remained undisclosed because of the existing reality level on earth; but there are things you should know.

During World War Two the body known as L. Ron Hubbard had suffered severe war injuries which resulted in body death – this is a matter of record. It was then that I assumed the body and identity of L. Ron Hubbard and with little difficulty the body was restored to an operable condition.

The apparency that Dianetics and Scientology was “researched and developed” on earth was to a large extent done for show, so as to add reality to the project.

I employed that body into the mid fifty’s until I turned over my hat (body and all) to a successor. The assumption and transfer of responsibility was smooth and undetected on a human level.

Some three decades ago an excellent seed was planted and now I see the outcome – it’s rather incredible. It seems that my successor has been quite selfish. Through the years I would periodically observe the condition of Scientology on this planet; I have remained silent long enough.

I am issuing a caution and a declaration that Scientology on this planet, in its present condition, with its existing structure is “The Ultimate Implant”.

Due to the selfish nature of my successor much workability has been withheld. Scientology as it exists on earth today is a squirrel group. A pure technology from another world has been severely altered and misused. He is not alone however, he has associates.

I want to clear the real purpose of Scientology as it exists on earth at this time: “To develop, test and pilot new technologies of static implantation for export to other planets”.

One might say that Scientology has helped them tremendously and I would agree, it’s supposed to. There is much truth in Scientology – it’s the best bait in the Universe. The trap however is very subtle and camouflaged by many misdirectors including severe ethics, target stresses, false hopes and purposes, aberrated policy, artificial confidentialities, etc., etc., including prohibitively high prices.

But the trap is twofold:

  1. To lure beings in with truth and personal enhancement.
  2. Then engage them on an endless G.P.M. of tryng to "help" manufactured degraded beings. A being is basically good, that's why the trap works.

Forgive me if this information severely violates your stable datums, but I hate to see some of my friends stuck in a bad dream.

Does Scientology work? Indeed it does, but with terrific variance. Gains can vary from pc to pc. The endowment of each being varies greatly; there seems to be a broad misconcept that native state is equal for all beings. I’m sorry but this simply is not the case, you can’t turn pewter into platinum nor can you make a G.E. into a static. You might make him an operating thetan but it is finite. A static is a static and a thetan is a thetan, they are not the same thing. That’s someone else’s M.U. not mine. A static can create thetans, a thetan is simply “life manifestation in the physical universe”. There are gods and there are makers of gods. Interest is the index, a being will “peak out” and become satisfied at a certain level of attainment; a high potential static has a virtually insatiable urge for personal growth.

Things are as one considers they are, if you consider “this is a deadly serious trap” it is a matter of consideration and a matter of skillful salesmanship.

“To clear this planet” – it is a G.P.M. of some magnitude which has been cleverly and consistently used and restimulated to create a persistency. I am not and have never been interested in clearing this planet. Thetans are expendable, I’m only interested in recovering statics. Truth be told, only a fantastically small number of beings on this planet are capable of being restored to some sort of respectable native state – about one in 100,000 are genuinely salvageable – the rest are filler to add background noise – G.E.s that are so apparently alive that you confuse your identity for theirs; and as I expected a gruesome number have drifted onto org lines and staffs.

I don’t make it a habit to unmock earthly games but since I actually originated this one down here I felt some of the truth should be exposed; you’ve been set up for a loss with this “clear the planet” G.P.M.. It’s a no win proposition.

Sound like cruelty? Maybe on a human level it would be, but human morality is a one dimensional view of a much bigger and broader game of ethics that’s going on. Rest assured though, everyone attains their own destiny sooner or later.

The sad truth is that you’ve been out witted and very cleverly sold. But you yourself had to have been fairly clever to have recognized a body of truth – you just failed to differentiate the gold from the glitter.

Want to be O.T.? Sounds like a great goal right? It’s another very clever trap. I have nothing against O.T.s, I think that every static should own one. Being O.T. is actually a big step down for a static, it’s just two steps above being a G.E..

An O.T. is still subject to too many laws and restrictions and is simply another pawn on the universal chess board. That’s the portion of the technology which has been withheld from you – how to become an operating static.

If you think I’m kidding just take a good long look at the real products coming out of Scientology. You say they’re good… good compared to what? The results might be excellent in comparison to any other earth technology, but it’s an insult against the genuine material.

In the end the truth always prevails and it can set you free. It’s been an interesting lesson – I just hope that you’ve learned as much as I have from all this.

The good news: At the top there is a great kindness to this entire nightmare. The dwindling spiral only applies to genetic and theta lines; happily a static is on a different overall course. Time is on your side; learn your lessons and enjoy yourself – remember this universe is not a rescue operation… it’s a very elite school. And be wary of who you revere, you haven’t seen any real gods lately – but they’re around.

We’ll try it again as soon as this one grinds to a halt; and when it’s all over you’ll realize the truth – that you’re back to where you never left.

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Dio (2014-05-30):
Good write up, Joe. It rings with a lot of truth. Such inklings of thoughts occured to me before I read your write up. Dio

Donna Rabbitt (2016-01-17):
I was given this document [The Ultimate Implant] by an old time still practicing Scientologist shortly following my personal and extensive search for my truth. This is my story: following a month long stint at the Flag Land Base that left me baffled and confused because the auditing I had created uncanny emotional trauma in me. Every day I would come out of session a basket case but every night someone’s [I have no idea how to describe this] worked with me [like auditing and informing] throughout the night as I slept. The next day I was bright and clear about my purpose for being there but I would again come out of session a basket case. After about 30 days of this I attested to being finished and went home. My quest to discover why I displayed such amplified emotional responses and why only in Scientology began. I had tried to work through the ethics assignments, the auditing I was told I needed due to these responses, the classes I had to take etc, but none of this helped. In the end I discovered I would respond badly to incorrect indications that I would try to make my own truth. I spend at least one year reading every piece of Scientology material I could get my hands on both new and old, written by Ron or other old time members from Phoenix etc. I obtained and listened to as many of the recordings that I could find and most of them in the original form of reel-to-reels. While reading volumes of the HCOB's the feeling of the writer changed. I don't know just how to describe this because the actual words nor his unique way of writing changed, just the feeling I received. I discovered truth. I experimented with this for some time and found that though subtle, there was calmness within truth that did not exist if truth was not the intent. This discovery has served me for many years since 1980 or so, but I am getting ahead of myself. I chose not to continue on the bridge to OT levels, which is expected after attaining clear. This felt like a good decision for me but I did not feel in any way rebellious, I was just calm that I knew what my own needs were. I communicated to a number of people surrounding me at the Celebrity that I would not be going onto the OT levels and to my surprise it felt like no one heard me. It was then that I realized that if any one felt guilty or afraid or some other thing [lower on the tone scale or as I like to say now, with heavier vibrations] that we were not speaking in truth and others will respond accordingly. But I was speaking truth, my truth without prejudice. I use technology I learned in Scientology through books, courses, and by example probably every day of my life, things like the Tone Scale, The Know to Mystery scale, the communication equation, misunderstood words etc,. I periodically read my favorite books just like those that subscribe to the Bible re-read it for clarity and/or growth but there are many avenues to improve one’s abilities, to be a part of the oneness, being in the moment and enjoying life, not for the thrill but for the Love. Finally to my reason for writing, a man named Bill that I barely even knew gave me this document. He was much older than I and I believe he said he knew Ron in the earlier days. He said, “I think you need this more than I do”. I read it; I re-read it again and again. It felt like truth but I sure did not understand, for myself, what some of the points were saying until some years later and little by little. I will add that I don’t see things quite as harshly as they were written in this document, but I understand from the point of a Scientologist why it was written as it was. Occasionally I re-read it to remind myself that we are here to learn and to enjoy the process. Here is the clincher. I was only one of about 4 or 5 people I knew that were looking simply for answers to improve the quality of our lives. I had not even seen any of these people recently when I discovered my truth. When I was given the Founders Bulletin #1 the man that gave it to me was very much involved with the Church and Celebrity Center as was my boss. Around one month later many people of long standing began leaving the church in swarms. I watched in surprise with sadness of all the anger, upsets, and lower emotions in general that surrounded most of these people. They clearly did not depart from a sacred knowing for themselves. It reminded me of all the hatred surrounding the Charlie Manson killings that took place when I first moved to Los Angeles. Yes, no doubt these killings were dastardly in our society but such a good lesson for us to see clearly that participating in such a behavior would not be the choice of paths for us. Their choice of leaving Scientology was clearly not viewed as a good lesson learned but rather from the point of view of a victim. There were a lot of group decisions being made and acted on. I would never tell anyone not to have the experience they are looking at whatever it is but I would preface it with – keep your eyes wide open and just know that you are the most important person here so do not overstep your own boundaries unless it feels right for you. My Scientology times were some of the greatest lessons of my life and I would not change them in any way. Those lessons provided experience and a lot of technical information to view the world better, to chose paths, people and experiences: To live and to grow. PS: I have not shared this with many people, I have not participated on any website or blog on the subject of Scientology nor do I care if others share or do not share my truth. I was looking for information on Yvonne Jentzsch to see if there were others that found her to be a role model in their life. When I found this publication of the Founders #1 Bulletin I just started writing my story, don’t know why I felt compelled to but here it is. Incidentally, I have not been declared [at least last time I was asked to check] nor is there any reason to. I have experienced that some of my friends have kept their distance. A loss definitely but also a lesson for both of us but it doesn’t negate that I love them just the same and I expect they feel the same for me if certain considerations were removed.

Joe Larabell (2016-01-18):
Thanks for the comment. I feel the same way about my experience in the Church, such as it was. I assume you realize that the Ultimate Implant paper is a parody but, as things have worked out over the years, it's pretty clear that Scientology, as practiced today, is not the same Scientology that Hubbard created. It's been corrupted from the very top of the organization. That's not just my viewpoint... a number of old-timers I know personally have expressed the same opinion and these days you can find a fair number of formerly high-ranking Scientologists who have been telling more-or-less the same story. Right now, I'm reading Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior by Mark Rathbun and it describes the exact same things I saw for myself as I was leaving the Church but from an insider's perspective. Scientology is a shell of its former self and most of the people who would have been able to turn things around have either left or were tossed out. The game is over. Consider yourself lucky that you got out relatively intact, take what you've learned, build upon it as best you can, and just move on. They can't take away your soul and they don't even have a monopoly on Truth. It's just another game. Find one that means something to you and keep evolving. That's the most effective blow we can deliver to those who corrupted the subject to line their own pockets -- to continue to thrive outside the Church and without relying on Scientology. What they do or do not do doesn't matter. What matters is what you decide to do from here on out. Good luck...

Victor Manuel Chavez (2016-08-29):
I met Ivonne Jentzch, as a matter of fact she was my Senior as I was a Deputy ED of Mexico Celebrity Center. She was a role model for all I would say and indeed Scientology meant many because of her, without knowing more about it as I was really raw, just with my intuition saying here you will learn how to be free. I was sad and dissapointed when we knew she passed away from Cancer,,,,¿cancer?, she was OT VII!!, and a super beautifull being. Now I know, I sense she was PTS to a great SP..., Scientology or what you have said in this declaration. In the Sea Org I didnt find loving people, but exceptionally few friends as Heber Jentzch, and others few I dont remember now.

Victor Manuel Chavez (2016-09-14):
Yes, indeed I met Ivonne J.. She was my senior at Celebrity Center Mexico. She was really the clincher to sign my Sea Org Contract. She was known as the Senior no one could say NO to her..cause you couldn¨t. Her ARC was enormous. But she died of Cancer.. so she was probably living supression somewhere. The fact is that Heber J no body knows where he is or why he is not on lines. I am reading books, the Basics, but not on lines. Ivonne always was an angel for me. A delicious being and OT. I would love to know more about you. I live in Acapulco, creating new life and getting ready for the next.. Un abrazo.

Victor Manuel Chavez (2016-09-14):
Thanks for the information Joe. It blew my mind but I sent it years ago that something was not OK. And didnt like Miscavige´s flows. Why doesn not indicate the bulletin´s date?. Do you know it?. LRH taught us about Somon Bolivar´s flaws as a lider and why he died and how. Ron´s death does not indicate to me. He knew better than that way of dying. Could you comment on that issue if you please in my email or here. ARC

Dio (2018-04-29):
Quote from: "Scientology: The Ultimate Implant: There are gods and there are makers of gods. Interest is the index, a being will “peak out” and become satisfied at a certain level of attainment; "a high potential static has a virtually insatiable urge for personal growth". Interestingly, here is a datum of comparable magnitude from the book: Urantia The bread of life and the water thereof are given only to those who hunger for truth and thirst for righteousness — for God. Here is more of the passage: Quote from: “Peace be upon you. You rejoice to know that the Son of Man has risen from the dead because you thereby know that you and your brethren shall also survive mortal death. But such survival is dependent on your having been previously born of the spirit of truth-seeking and God-finding. The bread of life and the water thereof are given only to those who hunger for truth and thirst for righteousness — for God. The fact that the dead rise is not the gospel of the kingdom. These great truths and these universe facts are all related to this gospel in that they are a part of the result of believing the good news and are embraced in the subsequent experience of those who, by faith, become, in deed and in truth, the everlasting sons of the eternal God. My Father sent me into the world to proclaim this salvation of sonship to all men. And so send I you abroad to preach this salvation of sonship. Salvation is the free gift of God, but those who are born of the spirit will immediately begin to show forth the fruits of the spirit in loving service to their fellow creatures. And the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are: loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace. If professed believers bear not these fruits of the divine spirit in their lives, they are dead; the Spirit of Truth is not in them; they are useless branches on the living vine, and they soon will be taken away. My Father requires of the children of faith that they bear much spirit fruit. If, therefore, you are not fruitful, he will dig about your roots and cut away your unfruitful branches. Increasingly, must you yield the fruits of the spirit as you progress heavenward in the kingdom of God. You may enter the kingdom as a child, but the Father requires that you grow up, by grace, to the full stature of spiritual adulthood. And when you go abroad to tell all nations the good news of this gospel, I will go before you, and my Spirit of Truth shall abide in your hearts. My peace I leave with you.” 193:2.3 (2054.4) And then the Master disappeared from their sight. The next day there went out from Tyre those who carried this story to Sidon and even to Antioch and Damascus. Jesus had been with these believers when he was in the flesh, and they were quick to recognize him when he began to teach them. While his friends could not readily recognize his morontia form when made visible, they were never slow to identify his personality when he spoke to them.

jon caven-atack (2020-02-08):
The Original Founder's Bulletin - Scientology: the ultimate implant, probably dates from 1982. It was mentioned in the San Francisco Mission Holder's Conference on 18 October 1982 (I think I have the only recording, taken surreptitiously. Mention of the bulletin does not appear in the published transcript). It has been believed by various people at different times, and certainly shows a keen knowledge of Scn! I'll do something about it soon, probably with Chris Shelton and Tony Ortega...

Joe Larabell (2020-02-09):
I would be very interested to know exactly what was said and who was there. My vague memory says the piece was written after the initial Mission Holder's meetings but there may well have been multiple meetings that I'm getting conflated in my mind. It was all around the same time, for sure. Many years later I also encountered someone who was shown a copy in "Hubbard's handwriting" which I know to be BS, but... it's interesting that someone took the time to transcribe it and keep the ideas alive.

David M Pelly (2021-06-08):
jon caven atack, did you ever do that "something" on the scn the ultimate implant with Chris Shelton or and Tony Ortega? If so can you please provide links. I am very interested in it. Or tell me how to find it? Please include time points on videos, bc I do not want to listen to an hr or two, long video to find it. Thank you!

Joe Larabell (2021-06-09):
Hopefully Mr. Atack will see this and respond since I'm curious as well ;-).

David M Pelly (2021-06-16):
Joe, I emailed him, and asked him to do so. He replied that he was retired now and although doing the odd interview, spends as little time as possible on the subject. I emailed him back and told him that he still looks spry enough and begged him to do it. That was a several days ago. He has not replied. Jon's assistant, Spike, suggested that I contact Chris Owen and Chris Shelton and ask them if they have the for the information. I did and they have not responded. I will copy your post and email it to Jon.

Dio (2021-10-20):
Victor, A lot of people die of cancer in scientology, because scn is missing the tech on that subject. All processing of cancer and other diseases, including headaches done by scientology is wrong. And such processing should never be done, because it is the voice and practice of the ignorant. In other words auditors doing such have no real clue of what they are doing! In bk 1 LRH said (in my words) that he could not figure out the cause of disease and how to process it. And he said he hoped someone would come along in the future and figure it out. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer figured that all out. Learn everything on this website, and you will learn what cancer is, what causes it and how to heal it. Tip: the word conflict is much used in GNM, it is a special type of engram.

Joe Larabell (2021-10-20):
Yeah... a lot of people outside of Scientology die of cancer, too. Just because one belongs to a group that claims to have some sort of handle on mental science doesn't make them immune to the Laws of Physics. Even the most highly trained Lamas in Tibet eventually succumb to death -- it's part of the agreement you sign up for by being born. I took a look at the GNM stuff and it doesn't sound any more viable than Scientology as far as actually "curing" anything. Of course... as they say: "success is your proof". If a steady stream of cancer patients start going into remission after taking up this treatment program, I'm sure it won't take long for word to get out. Until then... you're better off working on your mental stability so when your body finally reaches the end of the line (as all will eventually), you can accept what comes next without the desperate need to figure out how to escape your fate. Anyway... I'm approving the comment in the interest of free speech -- but don't assume that means I or this website endorse the GNM materials as a reasonable alternative to Scientology (although... the more alternatives people have, the better I suppose).

Dio (2021-12-04):
After being in the fz for 25 yrs and doing a lot of scn on my own, and having lots of phenomenal life saving wins, I can only say that the reason why so scn in the COS is so fucked up, and has such a bad reputation is because it is an example of what happens when you throw pearls in front of swine, and what is holy in front of dogs. Bc if a dog can't eat it, or fuck it, he pisses on it. Called dog politics. Scn is above gradient for most people. The proper gradient for scn begins with many yrs in old time religion, first. The more different religions, the better. Then reading 100s of books on self improvement and life improvement. Then as for all the arm chair critics of scn, who have never been into any kind of scn, nor read dianetics or any scn books, but only go by what they read on line, or from the TV, they are not qualified to comment on anything. To comment on something you know nothing about, that you have not done a thorough first hand, investigation by an honest study of, is intellectual dishonesty.

Dio (2021-12-05):
Joe, you have a very big MU about GNM and cancer, and what I said. GNM and cancer cannot be understood by "taking a look at it", any more than scientology or any other complex subject can, by taking a look at it. The totality of GNM can be compared to a seven year university medical course. Or the bridge, too. So you are not qualified to make that comment or evaluation. Far from it. I am surprised that you did make it. I have been studying and using GMN since 1995 and I am still learning. Same with scientology, since 1997.

Dio (2022-03-15):
Hello, Are you still there, Joe? I ask bc the comment section does show here? Dio

Joe Larabell (2022-03-15):
Yeah... I'm still here. I dunno what happened to the comments section. It may have been nuked by a recent update. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the note.

David M Pelly (2022-03-20):
Joe, Your link: 18 Responses to Scientology, the Ultimate Implant Is not working. Dio

David M Pelly (2022-03-20):
Joe, Have you read this ebook?

Mark (2022-04-26):
Why is there no date of origin on this issue?

Mark (2022-04-26):
Where did this come from, by what via?

Joe Larabell (2022-04-27):
The original had no date when I first saw it so I reproduced it as-is.

Joe Larabell (2022-04-27):
As far as I know, it was an "inspired" work. I can't speak of the via since the person in question made complete privacy a condition for allowing me to publish the content online.

Joe Larabell (2022-04-27):
No... I hadn't seem that before. Just skimming the table of contents, it looks pretty interesting. Of course, I've left this whole world behind long ago so whether I actually read the ebook or not is still undecided.

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